PHL Philadelphia International Airport

Moving the Capital Development Program Forward

We are hard at work each day with our partners to proudly transform our airfields and terminals. Visit us here often to learn more about the projects and see the progress.

Project name Date
Chellie’s Podcast: CDP Update October 2018 Details

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Stage 1 Airfield Improvements August 2018 Details

PHL contractors are currently engaged in the second and third phases of a multi-phase project to construct a 1500-ft. extension of Runway 27L and to reconfigure associated taxiways. The project has involved critical enabling work, including realignment of Taxiway H, per new Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) policy, and relocation of a localizer system for Runway 9R that provides navigational aid to aircraft making landings at PHL. It is anticipated that the runway extension will be completed in the summer of 2018, with all remaining taxiway improvements completed in the spring of 2019.

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New Truck-Based Deicing Facility March 2018 Details

PHL recently completed a project to modernize the Central Deicing Facility (CDF), which centered on upgrading the existing facility to industry-level standards. The CDF is located on 35 acres at the western border of the Airport, adjacent to Cargo City. In the midst of a season marked by frequent freezing temperatures and winter precipitation, the upgrade is particularly welcome; as of February 7, 2018

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