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Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). This page includes answers to questions related to: the overall Capital Development Program (CDP), anticipated opportunities, diversity requirements, doing business with PHL and vendor requirements.

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General Program FAQs

    How is the program funded?

    The CDP is funded through a combination of airline-backed debt, federal and state grants, and user fees in the form of Passenger Facility Charges (PFCs) and Customer Facility Charges (CFCs). The Airport is self-sustaining and operates without the use of local tax dollars.

    How will the CDP’s work at Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) and Northeast Philadelphia Airport (PNE) impact the community?

    Philadelphia International Airport is owned and operated by the City of Philadelphia. The Airport is one of the largest economic engines in Pennsylvania, generating an estimated $15.4 billion in spending annually and supporting more than 96,300 full‐time jobs for the 11‐county Philadelphia Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs).

    How many projects will be part of the CDP and how long will plans take to complete?

    There are over 130 projects in total dedicated to repairing and replacing parts of the airport. We expect to deliver these projects over the next 5 years.

    How do we get information on the timeline for the airport expansion and related opportunities?

    Information on specific projects is provided through the procurement notification process. To be notified about posted procurements, sign up for PHL’s Contracting Opportunities notification list. Instructions on how to sign up can be found on Doing Business with PHL, which is under Opportunities tab. Also, on this website you will find the Anticipated Opportunities page which is updated regularly and provides a list of current or upcoming procurement opportunities. Please note that this list is subject to change.

Anticipated Opportunities

    How can businesses get involved in the projects?

    The success of the CDP will depend on our partnerships with businesses throughout our region. We encourage large, small and diverse businesses to bid for contracts. For more information, visit:

    How can I find out about an item that is no longer listed on one of the anticipated opportunities documents?

    The anticipated opportunities listed on the CDP site are subject to change. Please check back on a regularly basis for any new information.

    Where are the IT projects advertised and what is their relative contract value?

    Project size and value will vary. IT projects are highlighted as professional services and are advertised by the City’s eContract Philly system. Go to and click “New Contract Opportunities”. Choose Commerce to see PHL Airport opportunities.

Diversity Requirements

    Do the prime contractors working on PHL projects have diversity requirements or expectations?

    The City of Philadelphia contracts with a prime consultant (contractor), who in turn manages a team that include subcontractors, or specialized subconsultants. Prime contractors are required to allocate a percent of their contract to diverse businesses. Depending on the funding source, solicitations have a Minority/Woman/Disabled Business Enterprise (City-funded) goal or a DBE (federally funded) goal.

    Are veteran-owned businesses considered in the diversity category?

    Neither the City of Philadelphia under its Office of Economic Opportunity nor the PAUCP has a separate program for veteran-owned businesses. It may be possible to qualify under the City’s Disabled Business Enterprise classification if the owner is a disabled veteran; under a special determination under the PAUCP as a DBE, or as a Small Business Enterprise (SBE) under the PHL program.

Doing Business with PHL

    Other City departments are considering the best value procurement approach for RFPs and public works contracts. Is PHL planning to do the same?

    We examine every opportunity for using best value and we have released best value RFPs recently, such as our latest advertising opportunity.

    Is there a different process for a firm to register with PHL to learn about professional services versus construction opportunities?

    Yes. Registering for different contracting opportunities are explained here. Professional Services contractors should register on eContract Philly, while Construction (Public Works) should register on PHL Contracts.

    How can individuals learn about employment opportunities with the Department of Aviation?

    A variety of exciting employment opportunities at Philadelphia International Airport can now be found through the PHL Job Portal including professional services openings with PHL’s CDP. Employment opportunities through the City of Philadelphia can be found here.

    Are small order purchase (SOP) and miscellaneous purchase order (MPO) opportunities intended for small businesses only? And are both types of contracts $34K or less?

    SOPs are for services, supplies and equipment, and MPOs are usually for professional services. The SOPs and the MPOs that we currently have can go to anyone. In the future, PHL may consider additional opportunities for small businesses. Both SOPs and MPOs are $34,000 or less.

Vendor Registration

    How can I register to become a vendor?

    The City maintains two vendor databases where firms register to receive notices of upcoming contracting opportunities. For construction (public works) and service, supplies and equipment (SSE), register at For professional services, register at

    PHL also maintains a vendor list for its internal use. In addition to registering your firm in the appropriate City database, also register at PHL’s website, at (

    I registered my business in the vendor registration system but I have never received any correspondence.

    When you register in the vendor database, the airport does not reach out unless there is an opportunity that matches the types of work that you indicated your firm could do. When a match occurs, you will receive an email that will include a link to the opportunity. The Airport's Purchasing Administration Unit (PAU) can assist with any questions regarding contracting opportunities. Contact them by phone at 215-937-5580 or email

    Can I get prequalified to participate in PHL opportunities?

    PHL does not require prequalification for most of its contracts. PHL maintains a vendor list and sends out opportunities that match the areas of work that you register for. You can register your firm in the database under the Business Opportunities section of PHL’s website, at:

Miscellaneous Questions

    How can travelers and the community stay informed?

    Visit our News & Events page for the latest CDP press releases and events to check on our progress or “Project Updates” to learn about our most recent completed projects.