PHL Philadelphia International Airport

The Project:

The A-West Vestibules Replacement Project is a capital development project that involves replacing old failing revolving doors with contemporary sliding door vestibules. A new design for the entrances into A-West ticketing became essential as more frequently the deficient revolving doors impacted passenger flow and were a source of thermal loss. The project replaces the inefficient sliding and revolving doors with a design featuring 6 glass sliding door vestibules that complement the design of the A-West Terminal.

The Work:

To ensure limited disruptions to the operations of A-West ticketing the new vestibules needed to be constructed in a phased approach. Temporary barricades protect the work area from the public operation. The major element of the work is the glazing system and the all glass sliding doors. Structural work must be completed carefully to coordinate with existing utilities. Ancillary work includes electrical, lighting, fire alarm and fire protection, HVAC and metal panel wall ceiling and various floor finishes. The design and construction team has worked closely to troubleshoot the first phase to maximize efficiency in construction for the subsequent phases. Currently, the project is mid-construction, with the first set of vestibules newly opened.

The Result:

The new vestibules will make it easier for passengers to identify entrances. Terminal A-West ticketing lobby should expect to see a great improvement on ingress and egress capacity which will allow a new maximum flow of commuters into and out of the building. The vestibules were designed in a way that respects the original architecture and aesthetic of A-West all while helping the buildings energy efficiency. Entrance improvements into PHL will not only be installed at A-West but also in Terminals D and E, and B and C. A-West is the first in this series of vestibule upgrade projects, which will bring both a modern and consistent design feature to every entrance of the airport.

PHL Capital Development Group Team:
  • Project Manager – Chantal Alverenga
  • Resident Engineer – Dennis McGovern
Prime Contractors:
  • Smith Construction (General Contractor)
  • Goldsmith Associates, Inc. (Electrical Contractor)
  • Meloney Mechanical (Mechanical Contractors)
  • Pottsgrove Glass
  • Oliver Fire Protection
  • Smith Flooring
  • Peak Acoustics
  • E.P. Donnelly
  • Simplex
  • CM3
  • Devon Electric
  • Design Architect Transystems
  • Design Engineers CSA